The Catenary Bar Screen

The E&I Catenary Bar Screen is an extra heavy duty front cleaned, front return mechanical bar screen. The screen utilizes two (2) strands of steel chain that is heavier and has superior strength than any other screen chain. Connected between these chains are counter weighted rakes that remove debris trapped on the bar rack. Since the chain links lock onto themselves to form a rigid "catenary curve", the lower sprocket is eliminated – facilitating easier inspection & maintenance; and is less susceptible to blockages, damage and corrosion than chain driven units. The result is a much longer operating life, less maintenance shutdowns and lower maintenance cost.

The E&I Catenary Bar Screen has found wide acceptance for many applications such as: Pulp and Paper Mills, Power Plants, Textile Mills, Steel Mills, Refineries and Sewage Treatment Plants. Through the years, many screens have been developed to rival the E&I Catenary Bar Screen, only to find out, they are not as reliable and rugged. For strength, reliability, simplicity, and energy efficiency, there’s no better decision than the E&I Catenary Bar Screen.

  • No permanently located underwater moving parts
  • All maintenance performed from operating floor
  • Low operating costs
  • High capacity (multiple rakes attached to looped chain), large shelf angles available for large debris, (tree limbs, car tires etc.)
  • Jam free operation
  • Heavy duty, rugged and reliable for long life

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